The first step allows Serjoe to gain a better understanding of the customer and the commodities that would be covered by any agreement. It also allows us to review matters such as duty/tax rates, import restrictions, permit requirements and any historical issues that may have arisen between the authorities and the customer or their agents/affiliates. This is a vital step in our risk management process and also feeds directly into the establishment of the fee structure. Concurrent with this stage would be the customer reviewing the standard contract arrangements that have been developed by SERJOE.
SERJOE would work with the customer, the transport provider and the clearance agent to develop a complete process for the provision of the service including matters such as billing and reporting. Where required, SERJOE can assist in identification / sourcing of transport and logistics providers to meet customer needs. SERJOE would then finalise pricing discussions with the customer and a final IOR proposal would be delivered to the customer, including a proposed contract, for consideration. If agreed, then the customer starts trading...

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