Online Parts Sales

Serjoe analyzes the needs of its business partners and the expectations of the market in depth with the competence given by the industry experience. Based on the outputs of the analyzes, Serjoe develops a special website design for its partner. Serjoe earns most of the income from the sale of parts and gives a guarantee of customer satisfaction thanks to the importance we gives to this issue.

Operation Process

After receiving the product order from the customer;
  • The customer is informed that the order information is received,
  • Local warehouses are checked, if the product is available, it is delivered to the customer after payment.
  • If the requested product is not available in local warehouses, central warehouses are checked.
  • If the product is available in the central warehouse, it is sent to Serjoe’s stocks and then forwarded to the customer.
  • If it is not available in the central warehouses, it is brought to the central warehouses by the supply chain and transmitted to the customer from there.
  • Serjoe establishes the right plans during the ordering process and keeps the critical stock level at 80%.

Serjoe ensures that the products reach the customers on time and guarantees customer satisfaction.

Call Based Planning

The reporting of products so that priority products are marked with a call number, these products are removed from the warehouse early and this product reaches the planned location on the scheduled date is called Call Based Planning. In IT technologies, the movements of the products are followed by this planning process. Thanks to this system, it is aimed to increase the satisfaction of end users and the performance of our business partners.

Call numbers are sent to us by the customer on a daily basis, and they are matched with the products arriving at the customs.

  • The oldest call number is cleared first by our system and the necessary logistic support is provided for its delivery to the warehouse.
  • Thanks to our experienced staff, mistakes and delays are prevented.
  • The product that the customer wants is available when he wants it, where he wants it, customer satisfaction is ensured.
  • Our company has developed a system based on the call number so that our customers can track their own transactions with their own eyes.

Added Value

  • Serjoe provides convenience for the end consumer in purchasing transactions with its user-friendly web interface.
  • Develops different pricing, promotion and communication strategies for different sales channels.
  • Serjoe has no difficulty in sourcing rare or outdated parts with its wide supply chain network.
  • Serjoe is avoids to say out of stock to the customer.
  • Makes evaluations by establishing a connection with the customer after sales.
  • Keeps customer satisfaction above all else with its fast response network.

Warehouse Management System

Necessary stock in the warehouse and distribution operations, equipment, manpower resources and the management of logistics processes called Warehouse Management System. Our company equipment products in stock, provide labor and management. Designation of priority items, while early removal from storage of these products and the scheduled date makes the management of the process to achieve the planned location of the product.