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You can minimize your risk with our IOR service when importing to countries you are not in, and we will provide you with great convenience when your goods are cleared from customs.


Serjoe provides a professional EOR service out of 120+ destinations globally. We facilitate your export with our experienced team and strong partners, please contact us.
Online Parts Sales

Online Parts Sales

Serjoe analyzes the needs of its business partners and the expectations of the market in depth with the competence given by the industry experience.


The first step allows Serjoe to gain a better understanding of the customer and the commodities that would be covered by any agreement.



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Since 1955, we acquired organization management skills, thanks to our logistics, import and export experiences.

Powered by these experiences we have established Serjoe in 2007.  We took the road with the purpose of creating value proposition by integrated working of logistics and supply chain consultancy, which was the very first application in Turkey. 

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Our company, which has deep knowledge and experience in areas such as customs / tax, logistics, provides solutions for these supply chain solutions and general business management.

• act as the importer/exporter for customs and taxation declaration purposes at the time of import/export;
• simplifies the clearance of shipments;
• be responsible to Customs, Tax and other regulatory authorities;
• apply for necessary import/export licenses or permits;
• maintain records for the minimum duration required under local law