4th Party Consultancy

4PL (Fourth Party Logistics) is an entire system, governing the movement of products or services from supplier to the customer within the organization and covering labor, technology, resources and activities in the process.

4PL service providers analyze the complex needs of the companies they are working for and offer practicable solutions powered by their organizational experience, resources and technological capabilities. Serjoe create solutions in light of the competencies mentioned above and design the whole chain, integratedly working with 3PL companies. The resolution of defects that may occur in the supply chain and our team which has a vast experience in the optimization of chain organization offering our customers a professional partnership.

Authorized Import-Exporter (IOR&EOR) and Legal Process

Our company undertake whole legal process as importer or exporter of the firms which don’t operate as legal institution in our country or prefer to. Serjoe;

• Provides consultancy service for customs clearance process.
• Checks GTIP for all materials importing or exporting.
• Prepares all documents needed in customs clearance process and handles approval process on behalf of the company.
• Offer companies making export and import without having an institution in Turkey.

International Transport Support Process

The planning and controlling all logistic elements used during the transportation, and organizing the fastest way for materials to be brought to Turkey with the help of right partners is named as International Transport Support Process. Serjoe,

• Choose the most suitable transport option for its partners by establishing time-quality-price relationships.
• Orchestrates the process through the reporting system.
• Take early action for the possible problems, keep track of the process.

Customs Clearance Management

Our company uses the IOR system for import and EOR for export for customers to avoid experience difficulties in the customs process and to check the products’ entry and exit process quickly.

• All movements of products in national and international platforms located in our advanced reporting system.
• Advanced reporting system the chance to order our products in the customs clearance process.
• Regular follow-up with products of the special team provides an accelerated process of prioritizing.
• Material is not based on the customs arrival date; the transactions are made taking into account the importance of scale for customers to obtain proficiency.
• Malzemenin gümrüklere geliş tarihi baz alınarak değil, müşteri için önem skalası dikkate alınarak işlem yapılması yetkinliği edinilir.

Reporting Management System

Our company coordinates the process through to the reporting system used at the end of the beginning, to take early measures likely to happen in the problem, and keep track of the process.

• The metrics we set on the basis of the report output are evaluated periodically.
• Assessment in the light of the new method are produced to provide a better service to our business partners.
• To prevent the failure of periodically updating methods.
• File operations are accelerated to prevent the delay of goods and punishment.

Warehouse Management System

Necessary stock in the warehouse and distribution operations, equipment, manpower resources and the management of logistics processes called Warehouse Management System. Our company equipment products in stock, provide labor and management. Designation of priority items, while early removal from storage of these products and the scheduled date makes the management of the process to achieve the planned location of the product.