Visual Manual Inspection

The system, aimed improving import productivity and avoiding from unplanned penalties, including the categorization of products arrived to customs, elaborative inspection, preparation of necessary information for customs clearance and prioritization of old aged orders, is named as VMI.

• Our company makes the product review at maximum level, powered by staff specialized in this field.
• All products subject to prior authorization or has possibility to cause a criminal case, are determined before the declaration stage.
• VMI accelerates the customs clearance and prevents from custom penalties.
• Costs are minimized for customers in main location and end-user side.

Refurbished Parts Permission

It is legally forbidden and ethically wrong to sell refurbished parts as new parts. Therefore, to handle the customs clearance process of the refurbished product which is sent to be offered for sale again, a legal way have to obtain permission from the Turkish Ministry of Economy. For many companies it takes longer to receive this permit and their products wait for substantial time at customs. Our company is working systematically with the ministry; with long-term global permissions we execute importation of refurbished products, without waiting at customs.

• Importation process starts with the arrival of refurbished parts to Turkish customs, thus customers get these goods fast.
• Customers’ refurbished products do not pass time at customs waiting for permission.
• Through the VMI examination, new and refurbished parts are separated from each other.

Open Call Management

Our system, for arrival of prior products in planned time and location, includes marking with call numbers, early removal from the warehouse and reporting is called Open Call Management. Tracking the movement of IT products, provided through this planning process. This system ensures the satisfaction of end users and improve the performance of our business partners.

• Customers’ call numbers are transmitted daily to us and matched with the products at customs.
• The oldest call number pass customs clearance before and necessary logistical support provided for the delivery thanks to OCM.
• Our experienced staff’s effort is the assurance for prevention from errors and delays.
• Products delivered to customer where and when they want, the customer satisfaction is achieved.
• Call number based system give enable our customers to follow their own delivery process.