Online Parts Sales

End-users and supply of spare parts needed for the company to track sales online business given our take on the name of the product on the internet sales process on behalf of our partners. Our company is managing the online sales business processes, taking the parts in the warehouse in the country.

• Thus, reducing the customer's waiting time.
• The company avoids manage the customs process separately for each order.
• It provides protection from transport costs.

Online Sales Management

Our company undertakes the online sales of the company. Report companies which products to customers that have ordered more. It helps customer who want to know about the parts of products and provide customer satisfaction. Company to undertake the sale is part helps the firm to concentrate on other important tasks.

Transportation Management and Storage

Our company provides logistics support needed to reach the products received by the company's customers via the Internet to customers. Products make logistics support ensures timely access to customer set. Our company provides the necessary equipment and manpower for products in stock. Marking of priority products, the removal of these products from the store early on the scheduled date and procurement processes to achieve the planned position and accelerate the storage of this product.