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Our Story

Logistics consulting and supply chain were the independent organizations in Turkey, we realize that this issue cause loss of value through import & export process. Since 1955, we acquired organization management skills, thanks to our logistics, import and export experiences. Powered by these experiences we have established Serjoe in 2007.

  • Authorized


    Our company undertake whole legal process as importer or exporter of the firms which don’t operate as legal institution in our country or prefer to.

  • International Transport
    Support Process


    The planning and controlling all logistic elements used during the transportation, and organizing the fastest way for materials to be brought to Turkey with the help of right partners is named as International Transport Support Process.

  • Customs Clearance Management


    Our company uses the IOR system for import and EOR for export for customers to avoid experience difficulties in the customs process and to check the products’ entry and exit process quickly.

  • Reporting Management System


    Our company coordinates the process through to the reporting system used at the end of the beginning, to take early measures likely to happen in the problem, and keep track of the process.

  • Warehouse Management System


    Necessary stock in the warehouse and distribution operations, equipment, manpower resources and the management of logistics processes called Warehouse Management System.